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Island Cleaning Service

We are a Nantucket Island Window Cleaning Service

Providing cleaning services to Nantucket residents, property owners and caretakers since 1972


Started in 1972, Island Cleaning Service has been reliably serving Nantucket - season after season. Trusted for almost five decades with Nantucket's commercial and residential properties and we always strive to deliver. Staying family-owned has allowed us to maintain a degree of quality control that is hard to keep in larger enterprises. As Island residents, we are readily available year-round and flexible enough to work with your schedule. We have decades of experience and we want to put that experience to work for you.

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Cleaning Services

Window Washing in Action

Window Washing

40+ Years in the Business

As Nantucket's longest-running window cleaners, we are proud to be serving Nantucket's commercial and residential properties year after year, decade after decade. Trusted for nearly four decades and fully insured.

Carpet Cleaning one of Nantuckets Local Businesses

Carpet Cleaning

Experienced Technicians at the Ready

Cleaning Nantucket's carpets and upholstery for well over twenty years, we are one of the Island's longest running carpet and upholstery cleaning companies. We are Nantucket residents and easily reachable seven days a week for any of your fabric emergencies. Additional services include rug washing and yachts.

The results of Power Washing on a Deck

Power Washing

Restored Wood & Stone Surfaces

Is it time to refresh your patio? Have those teak chairs seen better days? Got a mossy jungle on your cedar roof? Certified and trained by years of experience, we will treat your home with the care it deserves. We can also repair damage caused by other power washing freelancers. We are fully insured and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

White Trim Trim Washed

Trim Washing

Remove Mildew Growth

Gently remediating winter mildew growth to keep your exterior trim looking like new.

Dryer Vent in need of Cleaning

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Preventing a Fire Hazard

Outside of your range/oven, your dryer is the most likely appliance to cause a fire. (Dryers cause over 15,000 fires a year.) Your dryer's lint screen, even when used properly, only traps a percentage of dryer lint. The rest passes through your dryer vent system and accumulates on the walls of the ducts or the inside of the dryer itself. This accumulation also reduces the effectiveness of your dryer. Lower your bills and reduce your risk of fire. Have us come and clean your dryer duct today!

Gutter Cleaned of Debris

Gutter Cleaning

Clear Debris, Shells and more

Clogged gutters and downspouts lead to rot and worse. One lone seagull dropping a shell on your roof leads to

Roof in Need of Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Cedar and Asphalt

Are bacteria, lichen and moss trying to start a garden on your cedar or asphalt roof? Your roof can be gently and effectively cleaned. In order to preserve the integrity of your roofing shingles, Island Cleaning Service uses a safe effective procedure recommended by your shingle manufacturer to remove the streaks, lichen, and moss that are feasting on your house. No power washer will be used in the treatment of your roof.

Before and After Teak Furniture Cleaning

Teak Cleaning

Bring Teak Furniture Back to Life

Afraid that sitting on your teak will dirty your clothes? Don’t throw it away. Restore it! Island Cleaning Service can bring back the pride of ownership to your outdoor furniture with our three-step refinishing process.

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